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What they don't tell you at the "Men's Clinic"

You have heard the ads for low libido, commercials guaranteeing to boost your Testosterone. Low T Men's Clinics are business models, not primary care services. So what is it they are not telling you? To understand this one needs to review how the primary male hormone Testosterone is regulated in the body. Most men understand the source of Testosterone is from the testicles, which also are responsible for sperm production. But most people do not know that the regulation of Testosterone is under the influence of the pituitary gland in the brain. Much like a thermostat type of control, when Testosterone goes up the pituitary feedback will decrease testicular production.

So when the Men's Clinic gives you Testosterone replacement your pituitary gland will tell the testicles to stop making it. Would you rather have 280 of your own Testosterone or 300 artificial replacement?

Furthermore consider you are now dependent on a product because your testicles will shut down this natural production not only of Testosterone but also sperm. One can become infertile from Testosterone replacement. Sometimes a true low Testosterone patient (Hypogonadism) needs replacement therapy. But careful consideration and thoughtful consultation should go into "supplementing a low normal Testosterone" level, because it is not a supplement, it is a replacement of your normal hormone for the drug product.